Sometimes Love At First Sight Happens

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A Gorgeous Chandrakar Wedding With The Bride In Traditional and The Groom totally in LOVE.

There’s something quite regal about going traditional on your wedding day. After all, red is the colour of brides, and whenMeenal decided to wear a red lehenga with gold motifs, she had to look stunning. Add to that the picture perfect photography by
, and this wedding was an instant hit for us! So scroll down and see for yourself, and don’t miss out on the gorgeous bridal portraits of Meenal






So we belong to the Chandrakar family of Chhattisgarh and something like love marriage is still not very much acceptable here. I (Nitesh) was on holiday and at home for my cousin’s marriage during June 2018 and as I was 28 and elder one in the family, marriage things were going around (already done meeting with 2 girl). It was Sunday 24th June and the meeting is planned with Meenal & Meenals family and as till time I have already done meeting with 2 girl & there family, it was a normal day as other for me. On Sunday if I am in Bhilai then I have to play cricket and my dad was like be fresh and blab la, ladki dekhne jana hai. But I was like thik hai cricket always first and ladki, it will be same, we will go and come nothing else. I completed my game that day and came back home by 10:30 am and then by 1:30 pm, we were at meenals house in Raipur (didn’t even watched her Pic). We were welcomed and there was something very positive and I was feeling so comfortable out der and then conversation between elders of the family started, food and all (Jisme mera koi interest ni ta), I was eager to see Meenal when I was der and after few minutes she came out with tea and offered me first and as am not tea lover I denied (was not rude) but till that time I was like wow, shes beautiful was second thing, firstly I liked her family very much and the way she was interacting with all with her beautiful smile, very charming and exactly the girl I wanted, and now I was like wo mujhe pasand karegi ya ni but without knowing or thinking about any other thing I was struck der only (Meenal) and then obviously we (me & my family) had a busy schedule as it was scheduled to meet 2 more girls and their families (Ha Ha ha) but as I said my mind and heart was stuck on Meenal. I after leaving her house, immediately confirmed to my parents that I liked the girl.

We came back home, I got busy in my cousin’s marriage preparation but after one day I asked for her number if she’s interested through a mediator (her family) and she obviously said yes and we started chatting without letting know others in the family (both) and we continued it for a week and then we decided that we both owe each other’s heart and it was YES from her. And YES she’s the most beautiful girl and more than that a soul I have ever known and YES she’s my lucky charm as the day we confirmed our relationship, other day I got a call from an international organisation unexpectedly and it made it real special for me. Its seven month but if feels like we are together since ages. I love my WIFEY to the moon and back. Many thinks and many say that its love marriage and I proudly say YES it is.