From Strangers to Soulmates

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Soulmates sounds like a fairytale term but Anshita & Ranjan’s story might just make you believe otherwise. Theirs was a typical arranged marriage setting, exchange of information followed by exchange of numbers and then conversations over phone. But soon the two realised that they were meant for each other and with a single meeting, that realisation turned into a forever kind of truth and Anshita & Ranjan tied the knot. Anshita wore some gorgeous outfits on her functions, all complimented by flawless looks and make ups.

Anshita talks about how they found love in an arranged setting, “Mine and Ranjan’s is an arranged marriage with a feel of love in it. As we exchanged biodatas, we realised that our moms were actually jelling up good . Ranjan lived in Raipur itself, so we started our story with chatting, which lead to video calls, and then actually started meeting each other!! One fine day I knew somewhere, that this is where I belong, just with him!

The Engagement:


The Wedding :

From The Bride:

The wedding was super fun since everyone was together all the time and just celebrating love. Our parents gave us our dream wedding.