Entry Ideas for Bride and Groom for Sangeet Ceremony that Looks Classy and Elegant

A reception party play a very important role in a couple’s life.

It is like officially a first appearance as a husband and a wife.

This is the time when you can actually show the world your couple style.

Such an important occasion deserves a grand entry.

1. Lighten Up

Source: Wedmegood

This one is definitely out-of-the-box and that means, glowing fairy lights and fun lighting ideas.

Let them both be covered with sparkling fairy lights over a flowing fabric amidst a dark entrance and as they get lost in the darkness of the skies and their own deep love, they will look like two angels walking the path of love.

No one will ever forget the look on the faces of your guests and this one will surely make for great photographs.

The other thing you can use is the sparklers light on the pathway and when they enter, the pathway will lit-up like crackers.

It will be an amazing experience and the guests will be amazed.

2. Segway – The Karan Grover style

Source: Witty Vows

Riding a ghodi or an elephant is oh so passé.

this style is not just restricted to the entry of the groom; if you are cool bride do give this dashing entry a shot and the couple can make a splashing entry together.

3. Make a Heavenly Entry

Source: WedMeGood

If you are ready to spend more, you can finally fulfil your dreams of Bollywood by deciding to make an impressive starry style entry. 

You can enter your wedding venue hanging from cranes, cables etc, or you can also simply rent out a chopper and make everyone’s shocked as you make that impressive and rocking entry.

As you land into the venue, you sure will make news with that oomph factor you just added!

4. Be a Jai-Veeru

Source: UrbanClap

If you are a die-hard Sholay fan, you definitely should go ahead with this style of entry.

You can take a rental vintage scooter with a sidecar and decorate it with flowers.  

Someday before, Actress Gul Panag adopted the same idea and made a cute entry with her hubby at her wedding.

Giving you one beautiful memory to cherish forever this ride will not burn a huge hole in your pocket.

Of course, don’t try this for a monsoon wedding.

5. Bollywood style!

Source: WeddingZ

Well, the name says it all.

An auto rickshaw decked in genda Phool (marigold) and Bollywood posters is just what you need to make that typical a hero and heroine entry just out of a Bollywood film.

A badass bride with a gun and her man driving her into the venue will have everyone laugh it up with the couple.

Now, this is something we hope to get to see more often!

6. Photo of Couple entry idea with flutist

Isn’t it amazing when you are being entered with a melodious music by a flute.

Surprise your guests with this unique kind of entry.

7. Entry with Rikshaw

This type of rikshaw entry make you guests in shock.

This kind of gesture is welcomed nowadays.

8. Unique entry on a wagon.

The entry with this type of wagon comes with a lot of excitement in your auspicious ceremony.

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